Tips for Sleeping With Insomnia and ADHD

When you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, it can be hard to know what exactly to do about it. ADHD is something several people live with completely undiagnosed, but pinpointing the mental illness can help you know how to manage it better. ADHD has a deep tie with insomnia, considering the waves of hyperactivity the brain experiences. It can be close to impossible to come down and get a good night’s rest when you have both insomnia and adhd, but one thing is for sure: you are not alone. Thousands upon thousands of people struggle with the same problems each year, and this video shares a few tips on how you can maintain a healthy sleep schedule with ADHD and insomnia.

Video Source

This particular YouTuber gets a lot of sleep help from taking his ADHD stimulants early in the day or as soon as he wakes up. This way, the hyperactivity is generally out of your system before you go to bed. Additionally, he prescribes setting a strict bedtime and waking time every single day. ADHD can result in general unorganization, and keeping strict regiments can help your brain distinguish between sleep time and awake time.


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