Everything You Should Know About Heat Transfer Coils

Are you interested in learning about heat transfer coils, but don’t know where to start? What are heat transfer coils and what should you know about them? In this video, an expert goes over what a heat exchanger is and what it is used for. To keep it simple, a heat exchanger is a device that is used to transfer thermal energy between two fluids without them mixing. This may be very important in your industry of work, so you may have seen these heat transfer coils at your worksite.

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It’s important that you understand how they work.

When industrial heat exchangers are at work, the fluids are never mixed. These fluids could be water and oil, and they are always completely separated during heat exchange. It is very important that they are in their own enclosed space while they are transferring heat to one another. Another thing to keep in mind is that heat naturally flows from hot to cold, no matter what process you are using. Heat exchangers in your home are very different than the ones that are found in the industrial field. Watch the entire video to learn a lot more about these heat transfer coils and how they work.


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