Fayetteville, NC Man Faces 146 Felony Charges in a Series of Storage Unit Break-Ins

Many people rely on self storage systems for moving or for additional storage space outside of their homes. People trust that their items will be safe and secure, but some criminals try to test that security.

Such was the case in Fayetteville, NC, when a man was charged with 146 felonies in connection with a self-storage break in spree that occurred late last year. The crimes happened in September 2015, but the charges were finalized on Monday, Jan. 18. Chyeem Dreqwon Bobbit, 23, has 108 counts of breaking and entering against him, in addition to 16 counts of larceny, 27 counts of possessing stolen goods, four counts of conspiracy, fraud, and misdemeanor damage to property, according to his arrest warrant.

All of these charges add up to a grand total of 146 total felonies. His bail is set at $282,000, according to Fayobserver.com.

The article also reports that Bobbitt was not alone in his crime spree: he is one of three men who have been accused of breaking into self-storage systems across the city. The two other men have already been apprehended.

Investigations began in September when Fayetteville Police received reports of a series of break-ins at local self-storage businesses. Police say that more than 100 units were invaded.

At first, police were unable to identify the criminals. Law enforcement officials were able to track them down based on their vehicles, which matched the descriptions given by eyewitnesses. They located the vehicle in a McDonalds parking lot. When police approached the car, the driver sped away, hitting two other vehicles in the process of trying to escape the law.

The vehicle was later found near Preston Avenue in Fayetteville, NC. At that time, police were able to arrest Nathaniel Parrish and Crismani Flowers in connection with the break-ins. Both Parrish and Flowers were charged for a series of felonies, including several counts of breaking and entering, possession of stolen goods, and conspiracy.

According to Bobbitt’s warrant, the trio broke into self storage units on South Reilly Road, Yadkin Road, Pepperbrush Drive, McArthur Road, and Hope Mills Road.

The three men stole many items from the storage units such as military gear, jewelry, fishing rods, speakers, televisions, and clothing, to name a few, some of which were sold to nearby pawn shops. All three men are now in custody for their crimes.

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