Can You Attach Shutters to Brick?

Brick is one of the most durable and adaptable exterior building materials available. Most homeowners value its use in their homes as it has an aesthetic appeal while requiring minimal maintenance. Many seek a reliable shutter installation service technician to attach shutters to the bricks, which is not hard to achieve.

The first step involves drilling holes with a masonry drill bit to install a wall plug before screwing the frame into the wall.

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Locate a spot on the ground where you can unpack and build the shutters, preferably in front of the window. Set aside your panels and examine your frame, which should consist of four sections labeled as left, right, top, and bottom. Place each piece on the ground, but before removing your frame, you may need to mark the drill sites on the wall with an extra-thin pencil or your drill.
After marking the holes, remove the frame and drill them carefully, ensuring they are deep enough to accommodate wall plugs. After mounting the frame, install the shutters, including pre-installed hinges, then work from left to right by raising the panels into position while dropping in the hinge pins to secure the shutters. Ensure you attach the bracket by tightening the screws into the pre-drilled holes. When satisfied with the setting, tighten the locking screw.

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