How Is a Stainless Steel Angle Manufactured?

Stainless steel angles are made using hot rolling or laser fusing. They are manufactured with a popular structural shape that can be used for various applications across several industries. The stainless steel angle is manufactured in various sizes ranging from a thickness of three and a half to one and a half inches with a full penetration weld.

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The hot rolling method of profile stainless steel angle production is more cost-effective than laser fusing. The hot-rolled steel has rounded radii that range from two to six inches. The rolled steel shape makes it possible to provide customers with tapered edges or round corners at their request. The most popular rolled steel size is the three by two inches.
If you need larger sizes with more creative shapes or profiles with square corners, the stainless steel service center produces these profiles using the laser fusing production method. The laser-fused stainless steel angles are created by running two laser-cut flat plates through the laser welding line. This process creates a monolithic homogenous angle with a strength that surpasses typical hot-rolled material. Click the video above to learn more about stainless steel manufacturing.

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