How to Figure Out Which Generator Size You Need

A generator plays a critical role in your home or business. It provides backup power during an outage for running home appliances or facilities like your security systems and elevators in your office building. However, there are different types of generators, and not all of them may be suitable for your power needs. Here are a few tips for using a generator size calculator to determine the size of generator you need.

Before you determine the size, you have to determine the type of generator you need. Standby or portable generators run between 2kW-2000 watts for residential power supply and about 50kW when used as a standby generator.

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These power sizes are sufficient for powering electrical devices that do not require high-voltage or a constant power supply.

If you need a generator for industrial uses, you should get one that is about 20kW to over 3MW, depending on the size of your industry. If you have a large company, you may require a generator with a larger capacity, whether it’s for powering the industry during outages or as a primary power supply. Watch the video above for a comprehensive guide on how to use a generator size calculator.


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