Wisconsin Man Vandalizes Air Conditioners — Because He Doesn’t Like Them

Many people embrace air conditioning units during the summer months as a source of relief from the scalding temperatures outside.

But for one Wisconsin man, the thought of an air conditioning unit was too much. Fueled by his dislike for air conditioners, the 52-year-old suspect has vandalized at least 12 air conditioning units throughout the Fox Cities of northeastern Wisconsin, according to a June 28 Associated Press report.

“Different things that set people off, and in this case it appears that the air conditioning units were bothering him,” Sgt. David Lund of the Appleton police department told the Associated Press.

The suspect has targeted residences, a dentist’s office and a gas station, the Associated Press reports. According to Lund, the suspect would ride his bicycle around at night, ripping control switches out of the air conditioners along the way.

It’s also disturbing when these things are going on in the middle of the night. We don’t want people prowling around our businesses or private residences,” Lund said.

“Modern air conditioners are much more discreet in terms of both physical appearance, as well as sound. They blend in better to the home’s landscaping, and are so quiet you can install them just about anywhere without being a nuisance whatsoever, ” Tom Casey, Owner of Climate Partners.

Lund told the Associated Press that the investigation hopes to compile a complete list of victims before requesting charges. Police plan to reach out to local heating and air conditioning companies to find out if people haven’t reported that their air conditioners have been vandalized.

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