Simple Steps To Protect Your Home While You’re Away

With summertime in full swing and some summer vacations lasting weeks on end, many homeowners are concerned with ways to keep their houses secure even while they’re away. An article recently published by The Seattle Times discusses how both home invasions and natural disasters can pose a threat to residential security during the warmer months; more importantly, readers can find a list of steps which will help protect their homes against these unwelcome guests.

  • It usually isn’t a good idea to leave appliances on while you’re away on vacations (this wastes money and energy, and increases the risk of fire); that being said, keeping certain lights and radios on timers that regularly turn on and off can be a good way to convince potential burglars that you are still home.
  • Make sure to temporarily stop all mail and newspaper deliveries, or else ask a neighbor to regularly pick them up. This isn’t so much about having your mail stolen, but rather, a mailbox full to bursting is a strong sign that someone hasn’t been home in a while.
  • If you have any expensive items or electronics that are visible through your windows, it’s a good idea to move them rather than to pull down the blinds in every window. This reasoning is similar to the reasoning behind keeping certain lights on a timer, because a house that suddenly becomes dark 24/7 is another sign that the residents aren’t home (although you really don’t want to tempt thieves by placing your most valuable items in clear view).
  • Most importantly, making sure that your security system is in good working order is an essential step in protecting your house. Many homeowners use digital security services, but it’s important to remember that simply checking the locks on your doors and windows can keep your home safe. If you haven’t had your locks replaced in a while, or if you think that even one lock might be broken, many locksmiths will make home visits and assess which locks, if any, need to be replaced.  “It is a smart practice to have a locksmith inspect your locks every few years to make sure your home is secure, this is especially true if you are planning to go away on vacation.”
    says Joe Bir, GM of Direct Locksmith Services located in Toronto, ON

These tips are certainly very important during the summer months, but following these year-round as well can also ensure a safer home environment.

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