What is Convergence Insufficiency?

On February 19, 2014, the National Eye Institute, NIH, released a YouTube video about ” convergence insufficiency (CI)”. Created on March 31, 2009, researchers of the National Eye Institute found more effective treatment with this common eye problem in children.

CI is when the eyes don’t easily turn in to focus and thus additional muscles must be used to make the eyes turn in to focus when reading.

Video Source

Dr. Brian Brooks of the National Eye Institute stated that the symptoms of CI include:

– Reading slowly
– Lose of place
– Lose of concentration
– Blurred vision
– Double vision
– Headaches
– Eyestrain

Home-based therapies have been recommended to treat this disorder. But now, a new study has shown that office-based therapy along with home reinforcement is much more beneficial.

Stephanie Bocek, a child suffering from CI disorder, along with her mother, Jane Bocek, noticed the significant improvement from these additional treatments. Bocek read over 200 pages in three days as opposed to the 10 pages read daily. She also hardly has headaches, and she has minor symptoms of blurred vision.

Dr. Mitchell Sheiman, Pennsylvania College of Opthmalogist at Salus University, also stated how many children has significantly improved from this study compared from before it. For more information about this new study, go to www.nei.nih.gov.

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