Auto Shop Marketing Ideas To Help Your Business Grow

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Opening up a new auto shop or pushing an existing repair center to a higher level is often a significant challenge. Have you found yourself unable to find great marketing options that make sense for you? You aren’t alone. Unfortunately, failing here could leave you behind your competitors for years to come.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fascinating auto shop marketing ideas that you can tap into to make your company more successful. Understanding these options makes it easier to transform your business and produce the kind of long-term success that you both want and need as a business.

Tap Into Social Media Sources

Have you been considering high-quality social media for your auto shop marketing ideas? If not, you’ve made a grave mistake. Social media is a powerful way to market your company and stand out compared to other businesses like yours. If you’re not on social media, you basically miss marketing directly to your potential customers and creating the kind of trusting relationship an auto shop needs. You can use social media to:

  • Advertise Sales and Deals — Does your auto repair shop provide high-quality sales and deals from time to time? Then, you should advertise them on social media with a post! For example, you can post that you’re providing 50% off services like oil changes and other types of standard options. Doing so helps alert the public to your deals and will help make them interested in coming to visit you ASAP.
  • Discuss New Services — When you debut a new service for your company, do you rely on newspaper stories and television ads to market you? That’s not a bad idea because you need this kind of marketing approach to thrive. However, if you start a new option like windshield replace services for your customers, social media lets a more significant number of people know what they can expect from you here.
  • Highlight Your Personal Connection — One of the major things people look for when deciding on an auto repair shop is personality and friendliness. They miss the days of by-name service and want you to feel like someone they know and trust. Thankfully, you can use social media to create a more friendly persona and highlight this in your marketing to connect with more people easier.
  • Post Your Customer Success Stories — Talk to customers who are satisfied with your repairs and ask if you can share their stories online. Many people love the chance to feel “famous” for a moment and will let you take these photos. You can then share them to let your potential customers know that you care about them and will do what you can to create a fascinating range of service possibilities for their needs.

The type of social media service that you use will impact how you use this step for your auto shop marketing ideas. For example, Facebook lets you set up business web pages that make it easier to contact your customers and provide a place for them to visit. Others, like Instagram, let you share photos and other unique content. Focus on these items to provide a comprehensive marketing option.

Create Loyalty Programs

Another fascinating choice when brainstorming auto shop marketing ideas is creating a loyalty program that helps your shop stand out. These programs are designed to provide you with a pretty broad array of different benefits and will market your company by pulling in more people to your store. There are many other program options that you can consider that make this process successful:

  • Service Loyalty Programs — Do you have customers who come to you regularly for many services? Create a punch card or point system that you can use to get them to come back to you. How does this program work? You basically give them a punch on their card or a certain number of points for each service you provide. Then can then trade in these points to save money on future services with you.
  • Wholesale Supply Programs — If you sell auto supplies to your customers, you may want to create a wholesale loyalty program. This concept centers around selling these parts directly to your customers for at or near wholesale cost. The idea here is to get them to come to you to buy and install these parts, giving you the chance to make more money than you might lose selling these components at a loss.
  • Referral Loyalty Programs — Word of mouth is a critical part of the auto world experience. For example, if a used Ford dealership gives a lousy deal to one person, you can expect everyone in their circle to know almost immediately. A referral reward program can help offset this issue by rewarding people with money off services for each person that they successfully refer to your business.
  • Reward Dinner Programs — Here’s another fun addition to your list of auto shop marketing ideas: a loyalty dinner. Create a fun picnic or dining experience for every customer who earns a certain amount of points visiting you. You’re going to lose money on this dinner, we warn you. But sometimes, creating a sense of loyalty and camaraderie is worth it if your auto repair store can get repeat customers.

The most remarkable thing about these reward programs is that people who like them will often discuss them with other friends and family members. In other words, they’ll potentially market you themselves by highlighting something fun and unique about your company. This benefit is significant and can provide you with the long-lasting marketing approach that your company needs to thrive and stay active for years to come.

Expand Your Online Presence

So far, many of our auto shop marketing ideas have focused on off-the-internet ideas. However, it is essential to expand your online presence further and know how to boost your SEO presence. This step is critical because it helps to make it easier for you to stand out compared to other companies. And it will give you the chance to pinpoint better deals and sales for your customers. Just a few ways to approach this process include:

  • Improving Your Website — Has your website been more or less static for years after you added all of your pages? Static webpages cause minimal traffic because search engine programs and algorithms downgrade them. Continually add new content and upgrade your website to keep your marketing strong. It is surprisingly inexpensive to highlight things like your car towing services this way.
  • Creating Amazing Content — Every page you make should be well written, engaging, and serve a specific purpose. Great content will improve your marketing and enhance your SEO presence. And don’t forget that you should also work to strengthen your network security. Doing so will help to give your company the kind of high-quality reputation that you both want and deserve for your needs.
  • Produce Fun Videos — Video content creation has become vital and will help you stand out. For example, you can start a YouTube channel and set up various videos about auto repair. DIY steps are often very popular with many customers. However, all of your content should emphasize why it is better to get professional mechanic help, subtly sending a message to all of your customers.
  • Don’t Ignore Business Pages — Google and other similar sites include business pages that you can utilize to stand out and market yourself. These sites let you share your hours, your services, and reviews with others. Don’t be afraid of bad reviews. Instead, directly address complaints, work with the customer, and show that you take your mistakes seriously and do what you can to manage them.

These digital auto shop marketing ideas may seem a little too much for your repair shop. But think of it this way. If your competitors are taking these steps, and you’re not, they have an advantage over you that is hard to overcome. It is the 21st century, and you cannot get left behind. Thankfully, online marketing is still one of the most inexpensive ways to produce real marketing success for your firm.

Don’t Ignore In-Store Marketing

It is a good idea to consider marketing in your store seriously. We believe this will be the easiest to misunderstand or get wrong with all the auto shop marketing ideas on this list. So often, it is confusing for many people to think of marketing their service station with the station itself. However, it is possible to provide many unique options that help to draw people into your store, such as:

  • Video Displays — When looking to advertise things like your auto alignment service, why not set up televisions in your shop that play videos about this topic? This approach is intelligent for many reasons. First, it lets your customers better understand things that might be happening with their car. Next, it creates an image of professionalism that is important to develop as an auto repair professional.
  • Fact Displays and Charts — Did you know that many people don’t understand what to look for when trying to find a used car for sale? And they may come to you to ask about this information, which is why fact displays and charts are such a good idea. If you can display things like the Kelley Blue Book and use charts to explain how cars are valued, you can market yourself as a respected and skilled expert.
  • Lay Out Your Store Smartly — The way that you lay out your auto care center can influence how well you market yourself. How is that possible? Just think of the concept of funneling your customers through a series of marketing tubes. Basically, you want to place “impulse” buy products near the register and throughout the store. Doing so markets your various products and increases your sales chances.
  • Always Stay on Brand — Have you branded your auto body collision repair service station as a family-friendly facility? Then, train your workers not to curse in front of others or while repairing and set up your waiting room to be comfortable and relaxing. Staying on brand this way helps unify your overall marketing experience and gives you a better chance of reaching a broader range of people.

These auto shop marketing ideas are fascinating to consider because they change how you do your business. For example, you may start focusing your services on things that your customers find interesting, fine-tuning your options to suit their needs. Don’t chase the customers’ tastes, though (as these can be fickle) but be aware that changing trends may transform your facility for good.

Engage With Customer Reviews

As we mentioned, the best auto shop marketing ideas center around creating a specific image for your shop. You want to come across as a friendly and approachable group of people who work for the customers. And one way you can achieve this goal is to interact with customer reviews.

Reviews are unique because they’re an unfiltered and often unfair or exaggerated read on your business. Sometimes, you’ll get very positive reviews praising your hard work. Other times, your reviews will be highly damaging. Use both to your advantage in a variety of ways.

For example, post positive reviews on your website to make them apparent and easy to read. As a result, your customers will engage with these and feel comfortable with your service. And talk directly to those who leave bad reviews, and offer them discounts or further repairs, to cement a strong reputation.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can market your firm. These simple auto shop marketing ideas can be adjusted, as well, to make sure that you get the most from them. For example, you may find that you enjoy digital marketing more than other types and want to focus on that for your needs. Whatever choice you make, it is critical to find an option that makes sense for your needs as a company.

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