Ultimatum to Beverly Hills Hotel owner, the Sultan of Brunei, from L.A. lawmakers

The city council of the Beverly Hills has sent a message to the owner of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel on Tuesday. In the 5-0 votes, the members of city council approved a resolution demanding from Sultan of Brunei that “either sell the hotel or uplift the Islamic law imposed in Brunei”.

A private news channels reported that all employee of the hotel stood together on this move. On the other hand, Bosse said that the laws imposed by the Sultan of Brunei are really shocking.  As per those laws, same sex marriage is not allowed and whosoever commits adultery, shall be stoned to death.

Besides, a local news agency of Los Angeles reported that organizations have pulled their events from the hotel and it is going to be a big loss for Beverly Hills hotel.  On the other hand, spokesperson Keishia Kemp said in an interview that “it is repressive and antithetical”.

Apart from this, The CEO of the Dorchester Group said that “this resolution is unfairly affecting the 650 employee of the hotel and they will lose $8 million in gratuities”. He further said that “this resolution will grossly affect the families of these people hence action you take should be seriously considered”.

Sources say that there is no unity among the employees of hotel on this issue and the things will be more clear in few days to come.


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