Trend Towards Natural Interior Design Continues with ‘Topographic Tables’

Interior design has long been an important part of owning a home. From making your house a comfortable place to spend your free time to living in a space that embodies who you are, great interior design means living in a space you’ll be proud to call home.

The work of a number of independent artists is giving homeowners a new way to put themselves into their homes. Greg Klassen, a woodworker out of the Pacific Northwest, spends his day trolling the shores for driftwood. Once he finds suitable pieces, he uses them to make tables that look like wooden valleys with rivers running through them. It’s all part of his “Rivers Collection.” Christopher Duff, an artist based out of London, is also channeling nature, using topographic maps to layer glass, wood, and Persplex, also known as colored plexiglass, together to create topographically accurate depictions of nature in table and even chair form.

Natural Interior Design is a Growing Trend
It’s all part of a growing movement to bring nature back into the home space. Natural wood statement walls and the use of reclaimed wood to give kitchen counters and hardwood floors that extra something special have been popular ways of tying the home to the outdoors for years, but for many homeowners, those little accents have ceased to be enough. The latest trend is to try and bring a little bit of nature into every room in the home.

That’s not to say everyone needs one of Greg Klassen’s or Christopher Duff’s pieces of natural artwork. Bringing nature into the home doesn’t need to be about paying many hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single component. Instead, as the popular online architecture and interior design magazine Freshome writes, bringing nature into the home can be as simple as a well placed Zen garden or using bed sheets featuring a natural motif. As in nature, the smallest accents often make the biggest impact.

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