Struggling Families Have Opportunity For New Roof

On June 14, during the Hamburg Family Fun Fest, either a retiree who wishes to stay in his home, a single mother of two who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, or a couple who’s burdened with medical bills will receive a much needed new roof valued between $10,000 and $12,000 through the No Roof Left Behind contest. 

Anthony Gierer, Jennifer Zawilanski, or Brad and Jody Sparrow are the three finalists who were chosen by volunteers with Hamburg Enhanced Recreation Organization (HERO).

“It was really a tough thing to do,” said HERO President Joanna Hardesty. “It was tough to realize that there are people out there that are struggling so, and have the kind of challenges that they do and need help. This is an opportunity for the community to help.”

In order to be eligible for the contest, nominees had to own their own homes in the county, be current on their mortgage, and–naturally–be in need of a new roof. There are several signs that indicate a home may need a new roof, which include buckling, leaking, visible damage, peeling paint, blistering shingles, and missing granules.

“I think what Hamburg Enhanced Recreation Organization is doing for these people is amazing, replacing a roof is a huge cost and not easy to cover if you are already struggling with other bills,” says Dymitri, Owner of DVR Roofing. “One of the most important features of your home is its roof and it is great the HERO is stepping up to try and help people out with covering the cost of repairs.”

According to Jim Purdy of Jim’s Roofing & Construction, a sturdy roof is essential. “We get calls all the time from people who can’t afford a roof and need it, so we’re always trying to help people out,” said Purdy. “This was just a way to make a it a little bit more to try and find people that really need it.”

“These are hard times, and if they were not in them, they probably would be nominating someone else. They would be helping someone else out,” said Hardesty. “They certainly wouldn’t be asking for help.”

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