Key Fire Protection Service Providers Head to Annual NFPA Conference & Expo

Leading experts and solutions providers of fire protection services will be heading in a couple weeks to Mandalay Bay Convention Center where the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) annual Conference & Expo is being held. With over 150 in-depth seminars and over 300 industry leaders showcasing their own cutting-edge technology, the conference occurringbetween June 9 through 12 will be one of the most comprehensive educational events on fire safety.

The conference is covering a vast array of different topics on fire safety issues from all spectrums of fire safety–everything from prevention tactics for improving day-to-day living to technological advancements improving the sustainability of fire prevention methods.

Some of the expo’s most notable presentations include “Life Safety for the Vegas High Roller Observation Wheel,” “Autism Awareness for First Responders,” and “Creating a Community Wildlife Protection Plan.”

The key presentation, though, will be led by Undersecretary of the Homeland Security & Emergency Management Kurt Schwartz and is titled “The 2013 Boston Marathon: How the Multi-Discipline, Multi-Jurisdiction Approach to Planning for the Marathon Affected the Response to, and Recovery From, the Bombings.”

The presentation will not only review the state, regional, and local planning process, but also discuss the ways the multidiscipline and multi-jurisdiction strategies worked. Schwartz will highlight the successes of the strategies, the failures, and the lessons learned from the tragedy’s challenges so that better response practices can be put into action.

Lastly, the NFPA’s much anticipated annual Firefighter Fatality Report will be released during a presentation discussing the document’s findings and the implications of those findings.

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