Organic Vs Paid Posts: New Analytics Platform Unveiled by Simply Measured Dissect Their Impact on Facebook Pages

In the ever-increasing social media marketing frenzy, business owners now have a new way of tracking their success on Facebook. Simple Measured, a social media analytics company, recently unveiled a Facebook Insight with Ads social media analytics platform that allows companies to merge the analytics for both paid and organic posts on their Facebook account.

The new Facebook Insight platform incorporates several different optimization efforts by companies, such as paid posts, organic posts, and ads, and organizes them into a chart, making it the first metrics platform to combine all of these strategies into one report. The report includes a Facebook page’s success sans paid support, how paid and unpaid media impact overall public opinion of the page through the number of Likes and positive comments, and how any posts have negatively affected public impressions of the company, typically quantified by the number of Unlikes and negative remarks. It integrates these numbers with a direct analysis of the effect of paid versus organic posts on a company’s overall Facebook visibility. The data can also be exported into a Microsoft Word or Excel document for viewing.

This new platform could be helpful to companies that have been affected by Facebook’s changes to its News Feed. Recent reports are showing that while the number of Pages Liked on Facebook have doubled, organic visibility has declined. The reason could be the increasing number of posts that crowd a user’s News Feed. Facebook claims that the average user could have more than a 1000 posts to read through every day, and many users simply do not have the time to read through every post.

For companies, this means that a Facebook page with organic content could be lost in the crowd of updated statuses, already Liked pages, and other related ads. conducted a study of 1,000 pages and 50,000 of their posts, and found that the organic reach of each of these pages has steadily dwindled, dropping almost 50% for some pages in the last two years. The study also found that the percent of decrease almost perfectly matches the increase in Paged Liked as of March this year.

The advantage of Facebook Insight with Ads is that businesses can utilize the data from analytics to determine if paid posts help to optimize their pages on a user’s News Feed. This also helps to allocate resources more effectively. By tracking which posts received more Likes and Shares, the amount of money spent on paid posts can be monitored effectively.

“With the organic reach of posts dropping on Facebook, the new Insights platform provides users a valuable and visual way to analyze and test their paid campaigns versus organic posts,” explains Lori Smith, President of SandS Pro Services, LLC. “I believe this will help companies achieve better results with their advertising on Facebook.”

While this new platform does not guarantee that companies will see a large disparity between the success of their paid and organic posts, it does give them a greater insight into how useful their efforts have been in gaining visibility and an online presence on Facebook.

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