New Tado App Gives Homeowners a Smart Way to Cool Their House

Cooling is on homeowners’ minds as the summer approaches, particularly how to save on cooling costs since the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts a hot and sticky June, July and August this year. Luckily, Tado, a German company that created an app to control in-home heating, may have a smart solution. 

Tado is launching a new app that allows homeowners with a remote-controlled air conditioning unit to monitor their cooling system’s temperatures from a smartphone. The app is designed to connect to a home cooling device, and can be controlled from anywhere. Homeowners can set their air conditioner to a particular temperature while they are away — one of the main benefits of a central air system. With Tado’s new app, window, wall and portable cooling units can be programmed, helping to reducing cooling costs. 

Tado made its heating app available to customers worldwide about a year ago, and has seen positive feedback from clients. The app senses when residents leave the home, and reduces the heat to save on energy costs. It also pre-heats the home when its sensors detect people nearing the house, and these happen without any action on the part of the homeowner with the help of geo-location on a smartphone.

Similarly, the new cooling app will raise and lower air conditioning unit temperatures based on home occupancy to maximize cooling, and minimize energy costs. It also extends to each unit in the house, cooling every room as needed, turning on and off based on a room’s occupancy. The smart thermostat can additionally monitor the weather and adjust the cooling accordingly.

Tado claims that this app could save up to 40% on a home’s electricity consumption, and that it is compatible with 82% of air conditioning units. The system also offers an LED display within the home that can be utilized if a homeowner’s smartphone is lost or stolen.

“Everyone involved in the HVAC market is trying to get into home automation, this is one of HVAC system manufacturer Trane’s main focuses.” says Bo Thomas, president of Thomas HVAC. “Anytime someone has more control to dial back temperatures when not at home helps to reduce energy costs. Apps & solutions like this offer convenience, which are great to help monitor homes when away.”

At the moment, the projected retail price will be $150, but the first 500 customers can purchase the cooling system for $69. The company is working with Kickstarter, an internet-based funding site that garners public support for creative projects, to raise its goal of $150,000. If the company reaches its target, the cooling system will be available for purchase sooner, but is expected to release it publicly in August.

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