Homeowners Across the Nation Prepare for Termite Season

There are many things that homeowners have to think about and worry about when it comes to keeping their homes protected. One of the most important proactive things they can do to protect their home is to invest in routine termite inspections. Termites can slowly destroy a home from the inside and can go undetected for years. This is why keeping tabs on the home’s internal structure and checking for signs of termites is so important.

Pest control experts can perform active termite infestation checks and can also look for signs of past issues that might have caused damage to the home that will need to be addressed. If there are active termite treatment options available your local pest control experts will be able to assist you with choosing the best options for your home and for your unique situation.

Determining important choices and making the right choice for treatments and preventative measures, such as what the best drywood termite killer products are and what prevention options are best suited for your home is not something you want to do alone. Get the best home termite treatment by trusting the local pest control experts.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, termite time is approaching, and many homeowners and pest control companies are preparing to deal with “swarm season.” Although swarms can happen year-round, they tend to be most present during the early summer months when the temperatures are fairly high, and the air is a little breezy. Across the U.S., there are dozens of termite species that can potentially invade a home.

According to Justin Annis, a sales manager for Advances Services Pest Control, the average bill for termite repairs are about $10,000, and the cost is not usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. Many homeowners think it’s not necessary to check for termites if they have a concrete or brick home. However, any amount of wood can potentially attract these pests, including walls, roofs and floors.

The French Quarter of New Orleans has been dealing with the Formosan termite for several years now, and residents are gearing up to battle with this particularly meddlesome pest. The temperature and humidity of the area has made it a hotbed for the insect. Many of the historic buildings — rafters, pine plank floors and all — are falling victim to the hungry insect.

Bill Szarowicz, who both works and lives in the French Quarter, remembers how bad the termites have gotten. He would hold a lamp outside his window and turn off the inside lights in order to draw the bugs out.
“They would swarm from inside the house to the light, and I would sit there with my vacuum cleaner and suck them out of the air,” he recalls.

Some homeowners may even consider alternative flooring types in order to avoid termite hassles.

“Rubber flooring is less money to maintain, and rubber flooring doesn’t need as much policed traffic versus a wooden floor,” says Mark Bezik, of Rebound USA. “Rubber flooring allows you to have a great floor without worrying about maintenance or termites.”

Termites can be difficult to eradicate but fumigation and other services offered by pest control companies often work. Homeowners in potential infestation areas should opt for yearly or bi-yearly inspections, and keep old wood and stumps off their lawn, which could attract the insect into their yard.

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