Michigan Couple Arrested for Supplying Pot Butter to Police Officers

After being arrested — and later pleading guilty — for supplying officers with their own homemade “pot butter” earlier this year, Timothy and Alyssa Scherzer have recently opened up to the media about their case.

According to FOX 17 West Michigan, the Scherzers were discovered to have been supplying their own legally obtained medicinal marijuana to people not authorized to use medical marijuana — four of whom were either working for or connected to the Kent County Jail.

Timothy Scherzer explained to FOX 17 that he and his wife had been offering their medicinal marijuana to people close to the couple who complained of illnesses and ailments that marijuana is known for treating.

“It was more or less just for my family — my cousin, for her relief of her Crohn’s disease,” Scherzer said. “Then, with my brother-in-law Tim, with the number of back surgeries and neck surgeries he’s had with fusions and stuff, (it was) an alternative way for him to try to get some pain relief. … I did get relief with the edibles and I thought it would be worthwhile to pass that on to other people.”

The Scherzers’ illicit caregiving operation was discovered in March, when U.S. Postal Service workers inspected a package that Timothy tried to send to a disabled cousin and found more than two ounces of marijuana.

In the hours after the Postal Service’s discovery, a search warrant was issued and police were soon inspecting the couple’s home.

“It’s hard to sit by and watch a loved one suffer,” says Dr. David Imrie of the Medical Marijuana Association. “Were they right to care? Yes. Were they wrong to break the law? Yes. It’s about time the Law was changed to change the caring “criminal” to a committed caregiver.

The “pot butter” in question was a form of marijuana-infused butter that Scherzer made for his “patients.” As edibles are prohibited by Michigan state law, this was another charge brought against the couple, according to FOX 17.

Tim Scherzer was ultimately given five years’ probation and a fine after pleading guilty to charges of delivery of marijuana and maintaining a drug house, FOX 17 reports. Alyssa Scherzer also pleaded guilty to maintaining a drug house and was sentenced three years’ probation and a fine. Both Scherzers are now prohibited from using marijuana and acting as caregivers.

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