CBS Outdoor to Explore Audience Measurement Possibilities for Outdoor Advertising

With its decision to re-brand itself as Outfront Media, CBS Outdoor announced a decision to begin a foray into audience measurement to help optimize its outdoor advertisements.

According to an Ad Age article, CBS Outdoor/Outfront Media is now working with data, collected with technology from Dash Labs, to gain insight into audience metrics like driver demographics, what type of cars the audience drives — even where the drivers are going when they drive past one of its billboards.

Outfront Media collected about 500,000 pieces of audience data during a three-month test period earlier in the year, focusing on people who drove by one Los Angeles billboard, Ad Age reports.

Dash Labs collects its data from smartphones that have its Dash app installed; its service, typically meant to help drivers diagnose car problems, also gathers driver data that is now being used by companies like Outfront Media.

“We are now in a position to say what phones pass what billboards,” Jeremy J. Male, CEO of Outdoor Media, told the International Business Times. “At some point in the future, you could message these phones. It would have to be opt-in. Then you could measure those phones after and see if a behavior has changed. The technology is there right now.”

For businesses that use car wraps, another popular and effective way to advertise outdoors, the idea of monitoring audience metrics could also prove helpful.

“When it comes to fleet vehicles and businesses that use vehicle graphics, more audience metrics would allow companies to create more effective advertising,” says Edmund Karam, President of Lucent Wraps. “Knowing audience demographics would greatly help with design to target audience.”

While CBS Outdoor’s efforts to measure audience metrics are still in beta mode, it’s clear that more outdoor advertisers like it will begin to pick up on this technology to better target their ads to drivers everywhere.

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