Lake of the Ozarks Offers Fun, Inexpensive Family Fun for One Last Summer Getaway

The telltale signs of Fall are slowly creeping up on residents all across the Midwest, marking an end to the warm, sunny summer. Kids are heading back to school, the jet skis are going back into storage and some leaves are even starting to change colors.

Summer may be wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one last fun outdoor family vacation before the bitter cold weather sets in. What’s better, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to do so. How is this possible? See your guide to a fun, inexpensive family getaway below:

Where to Go
Now that the kids are back in school, and you may have already used up your vacation time over the summer, staying close to home is your best bet. This also allows you to keep total trip costs to a minimum. So where should you go, then? Lake of the Ozarks in the heart of Missouri is a great destination for families looking for one last fun weekend getaway. Family recreational activities are easy to find around this lake, from boating and tubing to mini golf and fishing. There is also a variety of different types of lodging available, allowing you to find a place to stay within your budget. The Lake of the Ozarks has everything you need to enjoy one more weekend of warm weather and relaxation.

How to Get There
Lake of the Ozarks is an easy drive from anywhere in the Midwest. U.S. Highway 54 and State Highways 5 and 52 are the most direct routes to the lake. Driving not only saves money for families with children, but it can also be a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Vehicles that use diesel fuel, like boats and buses, are responsible for more gas emissions (13% to be exact). Taking your car also ensures you have a reliable mode of transportation once you get to the lake, making the various restaurants and attractions of Lake of the Ozarks easily accessible.

How to Make for a Pleasant Road Trip
Traveling with young children? While it’s not a long drive, your road trip to Lake of the Ozarks will be more fun, and quieter, if you have some tricks for entertaining your kids on the road. Some easy, fun and free games include I Spy, 20 Questions and the License Plate Game, in which each member of the car must try to spot as many of the 50 states’ license plates as possible. Keeping your children entertained on the road makes for a more pleasant road trip for everyone, and you don’t have to spend any money to do it.

Just because the summer is ending doesn’t mean its time to throw in the towel. There is still time for one last hoorah while the weather is nice and the roads are still clear, so start planning your weekend getaway now!

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