This Device Could Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Lightning-Fast

A recently-developed device could make the lengthy, unsightly orthodontic treatment process as much as 50% shorter and a million times more comfortable.

According to a September 8 article, the device, called the Acceledent, gently adjusts the alignment of a patient’s teeth using “gentle micropulses,” and, when used in conjunction with braces, is extremely effective.

“It’s like a small vibration. It’s a 30 hertz vibration,” Dr. Timothy Wheeler of the University of Florida’s Dental Medicine department, told “The patient uses the device daily. They’ll have their braces put on and they’ll start right then.”

To ensure the Acceledent works as it should, patients must use it for about 20 minutes each day — and, as stated before, the Acceledent in conjunction with braces moves teeth into place 50% faster than braces alone. The Acceledent is rechargeable, and it also keeps track of how long it’s used so orthodontists can monitor their patients’ progress with the device, according to

Unfortunately, the Acceledent currently costs about $1,000 — and dental insurance policies don’t cover the cost, according to But as the technology becomes more widely available, you may be able to afford an Acceledent of your own very soon.

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