Keep Your Business Safe and Protected With These Services

The prospect of owning a business can be exciting. When you decide to set up a business, you should also be willing to invest in services aimed at improving the overall safety of the business. This means ensuring that the building, employees, customers, and anyone accessing the building is protected. Some commercial services you may want to consider to boost security within your business include.

1. Concrete Services

Concrete has been used in construction since the 1800s due to its unique benefits. These benefits include durability, cost-effectiveness, and its ability to be molded into different forms effortlessly, making concrete a solid choice in the construction of commercial buildings. As with any investment, you want to ensure that your commercial building is safe and protected. So when weighing your options on what commercial services to hire during construction, consider contacting a local commercial concrete company to get professional advice on your building’s needs.

You must be careful about which commercial concrete contractor you hire. This is because many amateur contractors masquerade as real professionals and could end up sabotaging the entire structure. Luckily, with 82,693 concrete contractor companies to choose from, according to IBISWorld, you can easily get a qualified contractor within your area.

Some benefits of hiring a qualified contractor include; a guarantee of quality work and efficiency, you save money since the contractors have their equipment, you get precise quotations on how much your commercial project will cost, and the contractors’ ability to efficiently and effectively resolve issues that may arise from different weather conditions.

2. Roofing Services

A roof is one of the most important parts of any building. It protects your commercial building against natural calamities such as strong winds, heavy downpours, extreme heat, and snow. According to the International Building Code, all commercial buildings must have a roof that ‘serves to protect the building.’ Therefore, roofing services are one of the most vital commercial services to hire when constructing your business.

However, the effectiveness of your roof in protecting your building will depend on the material you use on your roof. Contracting a qualified roofer for your commercial roof installation is your best bet to ensure you have access to high-quality materials that’ll offer maximum protection for your structure. Roofing is a multi-billion industry with 37,340 roofing companies, according to a 2023 statistic by IBISWorld. When searching for a roofing company to onboard for your commercial project, choosing one that offers various commercial roofing services is important. After your roof has been installed, schedule routine maintenance checks to ensure that your roof stays in pristine condition.

3. Cleaning Services

Other than offering a healthy working environment for employees, cleaning your building space will also ensure that no dust accumulates on equipment and inhibit their performance. This makes cleaning services among the most important commercial services to hire. Since the start of Covid-19, people have become more aware of the importance of keeping a space clean. According to Jobber Academy, this has consequently led to growth in the commercial cleaning service industry, which is projected to reach a revenue of 468 billion dollars by 2027.

The commercial office cleaning company you hire will depend on your space’s needs. Some of the services that you should consider hiring include carpet cleaners and glass cleaners. Carpets accumulate dust quickly, so they need to be cleaned regularly. This isn’t a task that can be delegated to employees as they may not be able to carry out the task effectively. Hiring professional glass cleaners will ensure that both windows and glass doors of your commercial building are sparkling clean.

4. Fencing Services

Like in residential properties, commercial fencing will help manage and monitor access to your building. By controlling the people getting in and out of your building, you’re protecting it from anyone with malicious intentions. Therefore, professional fencing services are vital commercial services to hire to safeguard your commercial property. There are various fences to choose from when fencing your commercial property. These include;

Mesh panel fencing: Mesh panels are typically made from a combination of strong elements such as aluminum steel, low carbon steel, and stainless steel. They’re further enhanced with a PVC coating to prevent corrosion. Their firm and sturdy structure makes them a preferred option for many commercial buildings and government facilities.

Wood fencing: Although not a typical first choice in commercial fencing, wooden fences make for a cost-effective way to ensure your building is safe and protected. However, since wood tends to wear and tear when exposed to certain elements, you’ll need to schedule regular maintenance services from a commercial wood fencing company to ensure your fence stays in good condition.

Concrete fencing: Precast concrete offers high security as it’s impenetrable. These fences can withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, making them a durable choice. Another notable benefit of concrete fencing is that they have noise-reduction capabilities. This means your business can run with minimal noise and distraction from the outside world.

5. Paving Services

A pavement is typically an outdoor floor made from concrete, wood, bricks, stones, or asphalt. The amount you spend on paving is relative to the material you choose, the size of space you intend to pave, and the company you contract. However, according to Forbes Home, you can expect to spend an average of three $15 per square foot to pave a driveway. To get an exact quotation for your project, contact commercial paving services, which should be among the commercial services to hire for your project.

Other than improving the aesthetics of your commercial building, paving also protects your floor surfaces against natural elements. For example, when it rains or gets hot in an unpaved business environment, the place will more often than not get muddy or dusty. Regardless of how often cleaning is done in such an environment, maintaining the same level of cleanliness is going to be a challenging task, if at all doable.

6. Locksmith Services

When a person with malicious intentions manages to breach the security fence of your commercial building, your second line of defense is your locks. Although they can’t be relied on as the sole security system, quality locks are harder to compromise, giving any unauthorized person attempting to access the building a hard time.

If you’re uncertain about what locks will offer maximum security for your business, contact a local commercial locksmith service. Locksmiths are arguably an integral part of society. Imagine a world where locksmiths don’t exist. How safe would your property be? Some of the reasons why locksmiths are vital commercial services to hire include;

They offer emergency services: Imagine walking into your business storage space and locking the door behind you only to realize you didn’t carry your keycard. This is where emergency services offered by a locksmith come into play. If, for example, the lock system is automated, your locksmith may open the door for you remotely.

They help prevent security breaches: This is why businesses hire professional locksmiths. They help protect your business by installing high-quality locks that are hard to compromise.

7. Plumbing Services

Plumbing services are another important commercial services to hire for your commercial building. It’s an essential service that should be onboarded in the initial stages of construction. Any contractor you hire to manage your commercial construction project should carefully examine all plumbing requirements for your building before the commencement of any work. After which, they should contact a local commercial plumber to ensure proper plumbing work is done in the structure. The three plumbing systems that will typically be installed in your commercial structure are:

Sanitary drainage systems: This system comprises different pipes designed to eliminate wastewater from your commercial building. It protects your building by ensuring that all wastewater on your property is properly disposed of.

Portable water system: This system comprises pipes that supply water within your commercial building. The pipes are typically linked to a main meter that helps keep tabs on the water used throughout the building.

Stormwater drainage system: As the name implies, this plumbing system helps drain stormwater. Its key component is the gutters, which help harvest the rainwater and channel it to the drainage systems.

8. Fire Safety Measures

Accidents are inevitable. It’s important to ensure you’re well-prepared should they happen. According to MCR Safety, the US records over 200 workplace fires daily, so the risk of your building catching fire is quite high. As the building owner, you’re legally obligated to ensure that measures are implemented to prevent fires and reduce the consequent effects should a fire occur. Some safety measures you can put in place to safeguard the building and employees include fire escape routes, fire safety signs, appointing a fire warden to install detection alarm systems, and training the employees.

9. Video Surveillance Services

Video surveillance services are important commercial services to hire to protect your property, employees, and anyone else accessing the building. Video surveillance ensures you have your eyes on all corners of your business. According to ProTech Security, commercial buildings with video surveillance record a lower rate of theft and robbery than those without. Installing surveillance cameras inside and outside the building helps promote a sense of security for employees and customers. Surveillance cameras are also a reliable source of criminal evidence should they be needed in an investigation.

Some areas you should consider installing surveillance cameras include entry and exit areas, storage facilities, employee workstations, restricted areas, parking lots, loading docks, and elevators. That way, you’ll have peace of mind since you can play back and see everything that goes on within your business premise.

10. Commercial Security Services

The use of security guards is an old-fashioned yet effective way to ensure security is enhanced within your premises. These professionals are trained to protect your property against any threat. According to IBISWorld, as of 2023, there are over 11,721 security companies in the United States. It’s a multi-billion industry valued at 51 billion.

To carry out their mandate effectively, they’re stationed at strategic places such as entryways and exits. Others may also be tasked with roaming around the building to identify any suspicious persons or incidents to curb them before they escalate. Furthermore, when a business breaks during the holiday season, these guards are left behind to continue protecting and guarding your property.

Security guards promptly respond to threats. Since the guards are already stationed at the scene, should there be an incident that’s a matter of security, the guards can respond in the shortest time possible. This allows them to mitigate threats before they escalate to bigger issues.

Security guards can also help improve customer service. How often have you walked into a commercial building searching for a specific office and don’t know where to start? Who do you go to for directions? The security guards roaming in the building will be more than glad to direct you or even take you to the office you’re looking for, improving customer experience in the building.

Becoming a business owner is no easy feat. There are a lot of logistics involved in starting a business and even more in keeping it running. On top of that, every business has unique needs. Before you can start thinking about maximizing your profits, you need to consider how to keep your business safe. Putting the right measures in place to ensure safety within the business helps safeguard your investment and create better relationships with customers, consequently bringing in more business.

Always ensure you’re working with professional services for the best results. To do this, you can ask for recommendations from friends and family. Look at reviews online and ensure that any service you’re considering is insured. This will protect your business if damage or injuries occur during the job.

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