Job Opportunities Increase for Medical and Dental Assistants in Phoenix

Phoenix’s most recent job report shows that slow overall growth remains an issue, but medical and dental assistants are in luck: their sectors are booming.

In fact, Carrington College’s medical and dental assistant students may have more certain futures than most college grads. Student Dylan Hjerpe told that “There are opportunities everywhere. You’ll never be out of a job.”

According to the latest summer jobs report, healthcare employers added thousands of additional jobs in July, and doctors offices were looking to add a massive 13,000 more jobs. Most of these positions were open to medical assistants.

Since the implementation of Obamacare, the health care industry has expanded to offer more than a million new jobs, according to recent estimates by Forbes. Jobs in nursing may show growth up to 20%, and dental hygienist jobs may grow by 33%.

Dental clinic employees are in especially high demand, since clinics that can’t remain open for holidays and extended hours may force their patients to seek over-the-counter medication for temporary relief until clinics open.

That doesn’t mean finishing the education is easy work. “You have to be committed to it.” Taiya Grannis, a medical assistant instructor at Carrington, told “But if you have the drive, there are many opportunities for students who graduate.”

Other instructors explained that students studying to jump into growing industries have a stronger sense of security. These jobs appeal especially to low-income workers who are looking for a simple job hunt and a secure source of work.

Many students are hired directly from the externships they’re placed in by their schools. This focus on job placement is one of the major appeals of a career in the medical or dental industry, especially when the number of available jobs is growing.

Fortunately, most leading experts say that the medical and dental job fields will continue to grow in Arizona and the rest of the country for many more years.

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