Bethesda Residents Enjoy Healing in Maryland’s First Salt Cave

Residents of Bethesda, Maryland have a new way to heal chronic conditions, and it’s as simple and painless as sitting in a cave.

Salt caves have been around for centuries as an alternative healing technique. The caves are thought to help with problems like allergies, asthma, and even certain skin conditions.

Maryland’s first-ever cave is lined with four tons of pink Himalayan salt rocks mined from thousands of feet under the earth. Pink Himalayan salt contains 80 trace elements and minerals and is close in composition to the body’s natural salt content.

Massage practitioner Janine Narayadu opened the cave in june with $15,000 in seed money from her massage clients, many of whom are already asking about putting in a second cave. She told CBS’s Gigi Barnett that “I put my body in there and it recharges itself.” According to Narayadu, sitting in salt caves has been a healing method for hundreds of years.

Because the salt is so close to the salt in the human body, breathing the moist air has a therapeutic effect. “The air in there is ten times purer than outside,” Narayadu told CBS. “Sometimes, just being exposed to the beach, being in the sea air really lifts our bodies up because we get those minerals back in. And that’s what we’re creating.”

According to Narayadu, just sitting in the salt cave can cut down on illnesses like seasonal allergies, eczema, and psoriasis, which affects about 7.5 million Americans. Results aren’t guaranteed, but many customers are noticing a difference.

More than 1,200 customers have visited the salt cave since it opened in June, and many more are likely to visit it as the positive reviews pour in.

“We’ve had a couple of people come back already, telling us with asthma that the number of times a day that they use their asthma inhaler has been reduced.” Narayadu said. “And we’ve only been opened up two and a half, three months.”

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