How Much Should You Be Paying for Commercial Pressure Washing Services?

Commercial pressure washing may seem like an added cost to your business, but it is a valuable investment. Business appeal and client trust are jointly exhaustive. How people perceive your business is critical to your overall success. Commercial pressure washing services help you maintain the image of your business and what people say about you.

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Here is an overview of commercial pressure washing and the factors influencing how much you pay for this service.

How Much Should You Pay?

The primary function of commercial pressure washing is to improve the safety of your business and make your building sanitary. The amount you pay for this service depends on various factors. Most professional companies charge based on the size of the area and how complicated the process is. You can pay anything between $37-$77 per square foot in the U.S. Things such as water supply, cleansers used, and safety equipment required. The type and age of stains are also considered. You may also pay more depending on the distance of the company base from the project area. Commercial pressure washing services are convenient and save money and time.


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