FBI agent arrested in Pakistan released on bail

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FBI agent who had recently been arrested from Karachi Airport has been released on bail. A senior official of Karachi Police said that “Joel Cox was allegedly trying to board in the local flight with ammunition and knives”.

Police officials said in a press conference that “Cox had been carrying 15 bullets of 9mm pistol along with wrench and knives”. They said that he had been released under the bond of $10,000.

Besides, a senior official of law and enforcement agencies said that Cox has been visiting Pakistan with regard to train local police officials and U.S agencies are allowed to carry weapon when they have official intimation.

Apart from this, spokeswoman for State Department Jen Psaki said that “we are in contact with the Pakistani officials and we are trying our best to resolve the matter”.  Furthermore, US officials said that this issue is different from the issue of Raymond Davis and it is likely to be resolved very easily.

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