Atlanta Man Falls Thirty Feet After DIY Home Improvement Project Gone Wrong

According to 13 WMAZ, a 40-year-old Atlanta man, Roger Howard, was remodeling his back porch when he fell and plunged an incredible 30 feet. The back porch was 20 feet off the ground when Howard fell through the floor. He continued to fall into a well, going another 10 feet until hitting the bottom.

A local family member heard Howard’s screams and called 911. Firefighters lifted Howard out of the well; he was then taken to the Atlantic Medical Center. He is currently recovering from numerous injuries, including hairline spinal fractures, a broken shoulder blade, and multiple bruises and cuts.

The Huffington Post has recently published a list of 10 home remodeling projects you should not try to DIY, and not surprisingly,home additions and structural changes are chief among them, in addition to other alterations that could be potentially dangerous to homeowners attempting them, such as electrical work, plumbing repairs, roof repairs, and creating an outdoor kitchen.

“It might seem easy enough (a little flooring and a grill-station) but you could end up with a half-finished patio and plumbing gone awry,” they explain.

And, as evidenced by Howard’s experience, having a half-finished project might end up the least of your worries if a mistake in repairs causes your roof to cave in, or your floor to give out. There’s a reason people typically contact experts for alterations like these — they’re not easy to do by yourself. Some jobs, in the end, are best left to the professionals.

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