More Than 200,000 Potentially Affected By Data Breach at Payroll Company

On Tuesday, June 10, Paytime Inc. announced it had fallen victim to a data breach that could compromise the personal information of as many as 233,000 Americans across the country.ABC 27 reported that Paytime, based in the Upper Allen Township near Mechanicsburg, Pa., released the statement because of a data breach in which hackers accessed the payroll company’s client service center on April 7. Paytime did not discover the breach until April 30, at which point it disabled the client service center and notified all customers who were potentially affected.

During the breach, hackers had access to customers’ personal information, including names, Social Security numbers, addresses and banking information, ABC 27 reported.

“We are working closely with third party forensics experts, as well as law enforcement, to develop accurate and thorough information about this incident,” Paytime’s statement read. “While our investigation and that of law enforcement are ongoing, we can report that approximately 233,000 individuals are potentially affected by this incident. While the vast majority of the affected individuals reside in Pennsylvania, there are affected individuals in almost all 50 states.”

Paytime’s statement also says the company will also offer 12 months of access to credit monitoring and identity restoration services free of charge to those affected in the data breach, according to ABC 27.

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