Your Handy Guide to Small Parcel Shipping

Whether it’s fulfilling an eBay order or sending your relative a package for a holiday present, there’s all sorts of reasons why you would need to know about small parcel shipping. The process may not be as easy as you think, considering that different materials and postal codes have different regulations.

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There are also many distinctions between small parcel shipping and large parcel shipping. In this video, we’ll take a look at the process and some key things you should know.

When it comes to small parcel shipping, the two main players in the game are UPS and Fedex. You’ve definitely heard these two names before! While there are some more regional small carriers, these two really carry the industry and make it a duopoly. The speaker in this video provides some suggestion on how to save money when sending a small parcel or package. Without a doubt, choosing ground shipping is the most economical way to get your small parcel from point A to point B. Above this on the chart is zone 2 to zone 8. To learn more about small parcel shipping and how you can send packages easily, keep watching this informative video.


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