More Women Turning to Plastic Surgery in Order to Attain Perfect Engagement Selfie

Are selfies changing the way we share the news of our engagement rings? According to plastic surgeons, more and more people are coming in for injections so that they can achieve the ultimate engagement ring selfie.

Cosmetic hand lifts are one of the latest trendy procedures, and they’re more frequently sought out by older women who want to have more youthful looking hands for showing off their engagement rings in photographs posted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Although the procedure can give near-immediate results, the average price tag is about $1,200 for an effect that lasts several months.

The most common procedure is Juvederm, which lasts for nine months. For this, doctors pump small amounts of hyaluronic acid under the skin in order to fill in wrinkles or disguise veins. Alternate procedures include skin lifts, where the skin around the hand is tightened. “I always thought my hands were a little boyish growing up so I figured why not,” said New Yorker Alexandra Berry to PIX 11. “Engagement pictures are just around the corner.”

“This usually is done in people with aged hands, however, we’re seeing more and more trend of younger people wanting to do this,” said cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bardia Amirlak. Surgeons like Amirlak, however, often say “no” to minor surgery requested with the intent of creating a better selfie. “I think we all know that can be done with a photoshop,” Dr. Amirlak explains. “Although it’s becoming more and more accepted, [plastic surgery] should not be used as a fad.”

For brides searching for the perfect selfie, Amirlak might be right. Rather than opting for expensive surgery, a great photo filter and a much-loved engagement ring should be all anyone needs to share that special moment with friends and family. It’s not really about the hand or the ring, after all — it’s about what they represent.

“The engagement ring is a symbol to love someone for better or worse, through thick and thin, til death do us part. Over many happy years together, the body will change and that’s OK,” says Jonathan Mervis of Mervis Diamond Importers. “Personally I don’t see a need for injections here, but body image is a matter of personal choice. Each person can choose what’s right for them and I would never judge one way or another.”

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