Why Women are Picking Up on the Luxury Watch Trend

Today’s female professionals mean business. And increasingly, they are choosing luxury watches as a way to show it.

According to a May 1 article in the Telegraph, more and more women are growing their collections of mechanically complex luxury watches and increasingly eschewing “girly” designs. And as demand for men’s luxury watches has slowed to single-digit growth prospects, luxury watchmakers are increasingly catering to the other 50% of the world’s population for inspiration, according to ibnlive.com.

The most well-known examples of women who flaunt their luxury timekeepers include Hillary Clinton, who has been photographed wearing a Rolex and a white Chanel J12 watch, and Michelle Obama, who wore a steel Tank Française by Cartier in her official White House portrait.

America’s First Lady and former First Lady are far from being the only women to invest in a luxury watch. A Digital Luxury Group study revealed that in 2013, Internet searches for women’s watches rose 7.5%. The share of female watches in the luxury watch market also rose to 35% in the same year, ibnlive.com reported.

This growth in demand for women’s luxury watches can be attributed to a few causes. For female professionals, a luxury watch from an esteemed brand is a way to compete in what they may perceive to be a male-dominated workplace. Women are becoming more interested in the “horological aspects” of luxury watches, the Telegraph reported.

For years, luxury watchmakers have geared their products primarily toward men. It’s clear, however, that luxury watches for women are the future for the world’s biggest watchmakers.

“Women are the future of watches,” Jean-Claude Biver, head of LVMH’s watch unit, said. “There’s huge potential in women’s watches that is only half exploited today.”

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