What to Look for in Good Local Electrical Contractors

Homeowners should be picky in who they pick to fix their electrical systems in order to be safe. This video discusses what one ought to look for in local electrical contractors. Licensing and insurance are a good start. Insurance protects homeowners from liability in case something goes wrong – maybe an electrician gets injured on the job, or there is property damage.

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Licensing and other certifications are quality checks informing homeowners that the electrician is knowledgeable on electrical matters and can do the job to code.

Before going with a particular contractor, ensure that their reputation is intact. Google reviews, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau are some valuable tools to use. Also, get at least three quotes to help you get a good deal. However, the lowest offer isn’t always the best so do your research. There are estimates online that can act as a rough guide. After choosing a contractor, get everything in writing – from the project’s timeframe to the cost estimates. A good contractor will be upfront and honest, so there are no hidden fees. To that end, the electrician should communicate with the homeowner and keep them informed.


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