What to Expect From Hernia Surgery

Many people take their health for granted. The old saying “health is wealth” certainly rings true. Until you are undergoing some discomfort, you probably don’t think about it. One of the more painful issues that can arise for individuals is a hernia. Hernias are when an organ or tissue moves out of place through an opening.

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This can cause immense pain and needs to be dealt with quickly. In this video, you will learn what to expect from hernia surgery.

In preparation for the surgery, there is a strict regimen that must be followed beforehand. This will be outlined before you arrive so you know what to expect. Most patients will meet with the surgeon moments before the surgery for one last rundown of the procedure. Then, the anesthesiology department will prepare you for the operation. After this point, not many people remember what happens next due to the anesthesia. Keep watching the video to see what is required of patients in post-operation.

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