What Should a Real Estate Package Include?

Pre-listing packages can help land a listing by convincing the seller of the right approach to marketing their property. Here’s a brief overview of what these packages should include.

An excellent introduction letter leaves a detailed but concise information pack that will help the seller reflect on the discussion during the listing viewing. Since a lot of information is shared, it can be overwhelming, and the letter helps them feel like they can refer back to it as part of their decision-making process.

Include all the relevant information in the marketing package, so the seller can rest assured of its effectiveness in marketing their sale.

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Adding an about page introducing the team and explaining the company’s success rate and experience in the property market ensures professionalism. Further, include some information about the properties in the area, such as sales prices, sales statistics, and price per square footage.

The listing package can also include helpful tips, such as what repairs will bring the best return on investment to properties for the seller. Break down the selling process into easy-to-understand steps, giving the seller peace of mind that the realtor is an authority in the market.

An effective real estate package should also include the steps the agent will take to market the property, such as advertising, viewings, and more. And since people feel secure when they know the agent has previous successes, including some testimonials is vital in landing the listing.

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