Utah Storage Company Transforming Units Into Custom ‘Man Caves’

Most people think of storage units as places to drop off a few boxes or keep recreational vehicles protected from the elements during the off-season. But a company in St. George, UT, is seeking to expand people’s conception of storage space by transforming units into customized, high-end man caves.

“The man cave is designed to be whatever the man wants it to be,” Darcy Stewart, president of Sun River’s Adventure Storage, told the local Fox affiliate Jan. 16. “If they want us to include a restroom, a kitchen, whatever — we can customize it to their desire.”

The facility held its grand opening Jan. 17 to show off some sample spaces.

The garage-like units are spacious, about 25 by 50 feet square, and intended to serve double duty by being a relaxing space away from home and a spot to store outdoor toys and vehicles. The building housing the units is even master planned and has a homeowners’ association.

Stewart said he first got the idea from a trade show, but the company is putting a unique spin on the trend. He and other company management have also tried to keep pricing solidly in between some of the ultra-luxurious versions they’ve seen and more modest traditional storage units.

Unlike most storage units, these man caves are bought, instead of rented, and start at a base price of $149,000.

“It is a man cave, just on steroids,” sales manager Dalan Madsen commented to WFMY News 2.

There’s only one major caveat: The units are zoned for storage, not residential use. That means that while it’s fine to relax and watch a game, owners can’t plan on completely moving in or running a business out of them.

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