Theories on how a South Korean passenger ferry suddenly sank

Though the rescue operation has not been completed yet the theories – how the ship sunk- have begun to develop. A retired U.S. Coast Guard captain Peter Boynton said that “I think the ship had struck with something in the water”.

On the other hand, passengers said to media reporters that they had heard a bang before the ship began to sink.  Former inspector general for the Department of Transportation Mary Schiavo told to a private news channel that “there was fog when the ship had departed from the Seoul and it was the reason that the ship had changed its course”.

But, South Korean Oceans and Fisheries Ministry disagreed with the approach of Schiavo and said that the ship did not change its course. It was sailing as per the intending route.  Spokesman Nam Jae Heon said that “the route of the ship had been approved by the agency and there was no difference in their plan”.

It goes without saying that the officials of rescue teams said that “we are facing serious problems in the rescue operation because the temperature of the water is too cold”. Besides, the state media of South Korea has said that “Lee” the captain of the ship has been arrested and he has been charged for his negligence.

Last but not the least, there is nationwide grief across the country and people are praying for the safe return of missing passengers.

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