The Basics of Force Measurement Tools

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Force measurement tools are required in a variety of fields for a number of different reasons. To learn more about the basics of force measurement equipment, read below and watch the video in the link above.

Force measurement tools are used in ports, cranes, machine building, locomotive technology, and more. Force is required to control and monitor processes, and to protect both machines and the people working on them.

Some examples are thin-film sensors, strain gauges, and hydraulic force transducers. Thin-film sensors provide high long-term stability due to the way they are atomically welded in place.

Strain gauges are also glued to the measuring body of the equipment being used. They can be installed on very small areas. They can be made with a variety of materials depending on the contexts they’re being used in.

Hydraulic force transducers measure the force acting on the instrument through internal fluids. They are extremely durable and can operate without the need for a power supply.

These three types of force measurement tools can be manufactured to an array of dimensions and ranges so that you have the most accurate readings possible. To find out more, contact an engineering company specializing in sensing technologies.



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