Stormy Weather Pushing Homeowners to Take Basement Flooding Seriously This Year

Every spring brings with it the hope of summer, as well as thunderous rain. While the rain is a welcome alternative to snow showers, this year’s precipitation could be more than homeowners’ basements can handle.

Recent reports show that basement waterproofing companies are already receiving numerous phone calls about flooded basements. One company explained that if rainfall exceeds two inches, homeowners can expect to see some of the water seep into their basement’s foundation. Waterproofing companies are projecting that these types of emergency calls will continue as hurricane season looms ahead in June. The concern over possible storms are also exacerbated by Old Farmer’s Almanac’s prediction of a storm that is set to hit the east coast of North America later this summer.

These warnings have experts urging homeowners to protect their homes from water damage. Some of the most common suggestions include storing a backup sump pump to keep the water out, installing storm shutters to stop wind and water from entering the house, and also purchasing additional flood coverage. Kiplinger, a personal finance and business advice publication, explains that flood damage is not typically covered by homeowners insurance plans, but can be added, or obtained from another insurance company.

To safeguard against flooding, or even leakage, waterproofing professionals additionally suggest that homeowners check their foundation for existing cracks. These could let in small amounts of water that could be harmful as well, and would benefit from external and internal waterproofing.

“There are many homeowners who do not think about these kinds of problems until it is too late.” says Andrew, Owner of Aqua Tech Waterproofing. “You should have your foundation inspected at least once per year to ensure that you will not get a nasty surprise during a big storm or a seasonal thaw.”

One of the major problems with basement floods is that they can often lead to mold. Mold eats away at a home’s foundation, and rots the wood of a home’s frame. This can lead to structural collapse, and place homeowners in danger.

Flood damage can be extremely devastating for homeowners, with last year’s Alberta floods ravaging houses and buildings alike. The government in Alberta reported nearly $7 million in disaster recovery funds, and a few months after the June 2013 storms, more than 2,000 people were still in temporary housing. Ontario has also seen an increase in water damage-related insurance claims, with these numbers rising 136% in the last decade.

While experts admit that there is no way to prevent Mother Nature from ripping through basement waterproofing seals, they explain that these treatments could help prevent a home from sustaining severe water damage.

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