Residential Electricians Vs Commercial Electricians

Most people are unaware that there is a difference between a commercial electrician and a residential electrician, but there are some big differences. Residential electricians focus on household electrical problems and installation, while commercial electrician deals with commercial electrical problems and installations that typically are more complex and take longer.

This video reviews the differences between these two professions. This video breaks down the types of jobs each of these professionals manages and the required skillset each that these professions require.

Video Source

This video delivers the information you need to decide which side of the industry you want to work in. It is a quick video to watch that provides a lot of information in a short period of time.

It also is highly informative for homeowners and commercial property owners. After watching this video you will know which expert to call for your electrical problems. The presenter gives you all the detailed information you need about the differences and the similarities between these types of electricians.

Watch this video now to get the in-depth information you need about what electricians do.


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