Report: Gray Divorce Leaving Many Older Women in Poverty

Updated 12/12/2023

If you want to increase your odds of getting the best outcome from a divorce, you need to work with a professional. This way, you’ll better understand details such as what the divorce mediation process involves, as well as how to go about a divorce after five years. While you can ask the lawyer that you hire to expound on these for you, it’s a great idea for you to also do some research of your own. You can do this by searching online using phrases like “my husband wants a divorce what are my rights?” and “how long should you keep divorce papers?”

The more you know about divorce, the better your chances of getting a great outcome from it in the end. You may have a great idea of what to expect and therefore plan well for the process, making sure that it’s not likely to disrupt your life. Make sure that you ask the professional anything you need to know, including whether divorce law changes over time. This could be a valid concern for you if you knew a bit about divorce a few years ago, and you want to know whether the information that you had then is relevant now.

Suppose you file the divorce papers today. What should happen next? A divorce case has several elements, including equitable division of assets, alimony, child custody, and child support. These elements will often affect how long a divorce case takes.

The average divorce process time in the USA is approximately 13 months. This period suffices if the divorce proceeding involves a trial on one or more marital issues. For this reason, the period could increase or decrease, depending on the number of contentious issues.

You might also want to know one thing: can a no-fault divorce be contested? A no-fault divorce application cannot be contested. This divorce will go ahead whether or not the other party agrees. In this case, you expect the proceedings to take the shortest time.

You must see different aspects of filing a divorce proceeding, whether a no-fault or fault divorce. Either party can file these proceedings. Can both husband and wife file for divorce? Yes. A joint petition is acceptable across multiple states. Such a proceeding will likely take a shorter period to complete.

Divorce proceedings can be significantly draining. Statistics from a Palm Beach divorce lawyer show how divorce cases can affect your emotional and mental health. Relying on a professional in such instances could help ease the burden associated with this issue.

When you are ready to get a divorce, you likely need the best divorce attorney charlotte NC has to offer. You can ask your attorney all of your basic divorce questions and to be kept up to date on how your divorce is progressing. The best way to divorce wife is often to get together with your wife and to try to hammer out as many of the decisions as you can before you start paying an attorney. Working out who gets what can help you to save thousands over the course of your divorce.

Can a couple use the same divorce lawyer? It is possible to do this, and it can save money, but it often means that one person gets less representation than the other. It’s usually smart to each have your own attorney to represent you. You may wonder- can I file for divorce at the courthouse? Generally, you sign all of the papers that are given to you by your attorney, and your attorney then files for divorce. he attorney is needed in most jurisdictions to take care of much of the paperwork and to make sure that everything is done correctly as the divorce progresses.

“Gray divorces” are becoming an increasingly popular trend among baby boomers — specifically, spouses age 50 and above, who are getting divorced at an alarmingly high rate. And according to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University, this trend has negative implications when it comes to the boomers’ retirement security.

“Individuals who go through gray divorce are considerably economically disadvantaged and they are a growing demographic group,” said I-Fen Lin, Susan Brown, and Anna Hammersmith, the co-authors of the study “Marital Biography, Social Security, and Poverty.”

Generally speaking, the divorce rate in the United States has remained relatively stable for over two decades. However, the incidence of gray divorces has doubled since 1990. In fact, as many as 650,000 couples over the age of 50 underwent divorce in 2010 alone.

But considering individuals over the age of 50 experience the lowest rates of poverty, why would this group be most at risk for economic disadvantage? The answer lies in financial disparities among spouses. While married couples have higher media incomes, the income is typically imbalanced, coming from one spouse more heavily than the other. These imbalances in poverty are largely due to social security.

“Those who divorce earlier in adulthood have more time to recoup the financial losses divorce usually entails,” the researchers reported. “In contrast, those who divorce later have fewer years of working life remaining and may not be able to fully recover economically from a gray divorce.”

The problem becomes even further complicated when the question of gender is raised. According to, 27% of gray divorced women experience poverty, compared to only 11% of gray divorced men. On average, divorced female baby boomers receive fewer Social Security benefits on average than single women and men.

Many gray divorced women who has been married to their spouse for more than 10 years are now able to claim their ex’s earnings. However, this law will no longer exist as upcoming generations reach their gray years. Instead, they will have to refer to their divorce attorney and financial planner for assistance.

“It’s true that I am seeing more older couples getting divorced,” said Ken Phillips, a family lawyer with the Law Office of Kenneth J. Phillips. “It is important to get the help of an attorney experienced in divorces: for older couples, it is likely that any children are adults, so the issues facing these couples are the division of assets, debts, and alimony. It is also true that for these older couples, it often is the man who has or had the primary earning capacity, so the woman is dependent upon an equitable division of the marital estate and receiving spousal support. Whether you are the husband or the wife, it is critical to get advice from an experienced family law attorney.”

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