Recent Trends Show This Year’s Weddings are Turning to the Roaring 20’s for Inspiration

Every year brings a new trend in weddings, and this year has seen a return to nature, subtle colors, and rustic elements. But a few recent weddings have indicated that the 1920’s have not lost their charm, and a 20’s throwback wedding offers all the timeless simplicity and elegance a couple needs to enjoy the perfect wedding.

Much like the natural themes for this year, brides are turning toward lighter colors, such as cream and ivory, and opting to hold their ceremonies outdoors under a gazebo or tent. The tables and chairs are decorated with simple florals or tufts of fabric to match a bride’s simplistic gown, and tables are fitted with memorable parting gifts. Common goodie bags include favors such as mini champagne glasses, mini flasks, and beaded headbands.

Wedding planners claim that the Roaring 20’s are one of easiest time periods to modernize. Shira Savada, the editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, called the theme a “happy medium between being completely poised but also letting loose.” In other words, brides and grooms have been able to introduce their own twists to the traditional panache associated with the century-old time period.

The entire event can be decorated with simple linens and loosely hung lights, and Savada explained that placing embroidered handkerchiefs on the tables could be a classic guest giveaway, as well as engraved silver lighters or tie clips. Other experts suggested adding in games such as badminton or bocce to mirror the croquet games of the 20’s. This gives guests a more relaxed, fun wedding to enjoy.

Additional design tips include covering tables with mesh or lace, and filling centerpieces with candelabras that have been adorned with pearls or other light-colored gems to add a hint of glam to the table. It is also fairly common for wedding designers to add vintage pieces of jewelry to napkins and flatware to give each guest a taste of the 20’s.

As weddings this year continue to go natural, the 20’s could provide the perfect way to jazz up a ceremony, and maintain the sophistication many couples expect for their big day.

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