Ohio Chiropractor Draws Attention Through His Charity Work

Advertising a chiropractic office can be a challenging task: because of the industry’s status as a medical profession, chiropractic marketing must be polished and serious, but also humanize the ad’s subjects. As a result, many chiropractors find that volunteering can go a long way when it comes to promoting their work, as well as helping their local community. One such chiropractor was even able to use his professional skills to collect toy donations, simultaneously marketing his business while also helping families in his area have a happy holiday season.

Dr. Matthew D. Roberts is the resident chiropractor at Preble County Chiropractic Nutrition and Sports Injury Center. Based in Eaton, Ohio, the area is perhaps better known for its agriculture and local Amish population than its chiropracty. However, Roberts has become a popular presence in the community due to his work with a well-reputed charity, Toys for Tots.

Roberts has worked with Toys for Tots since 2007, collecting thousands of toys for less fortunate children. On December 13, Roberts celebrated his seventh year working with the organizing by providing adjustments and therapy to existing patients in exchange for a toy donation. Through this project, Roberts was able to collect nearly 500 toys, which were distributed as Christmas presents over the course of the holiday season.

In addition to helping his community, Roberts’s charity work has also helped to draw attention to his work as a chiropractor: his donation initiative drew the attention of a local newspaper, the Register Herald, no small feat in a community where farming is king. However, Roberts says that his ability to give needy children the Christmas they deserve was reward enough.

Toys for Tots is a national nonprofit organization, originally created by the U.S. Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve in 1995. Now run by the Marines with civilian help, the program collects toys for less fortunate children, allowing them to experience the joy of the holiday season. The goal of the organization is to encourage children to become responsible, productive and patriotic citizens of the United States.

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