Ohio Area Pools Tested Positive For West Nile

pest controller in gardenAccording to a recent report from WKYC Ohio, mosquito pools located in Schoenbrunn Village in Tuscarawus County have tested positive for West Nile virus. The pools were discovered in a park on the corner of Jewett Avenue and Park Avenue, and at West Canal Street and Park Hill Drive. The New Philadelphia City Health Department has reported that it will be responding to the pools, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Treatment will include routine sprays in a one-mile radius surrounding the pools.

Though there have been no deaths reported in Ohio from the West Nile virus, the Health Department wants to emphasize that local government offices can take additional mosquito spraying requests. Residents have also been encouraged to follow standard procedures to avoid mosquito bites. Using bug spray when outdoors, wear long sleeves and pants when the weather allows, and taking care to avoid peak mosquito hours can all help you to prevent being bitten and risking exposure to the virus.

It’s also important to avoid leaving standing water near your home, since this is where mosquitoes will gather and breed, if left unattended.

Be sure to empty out any flower pots, buckets, or other receptacles that are filled with water from the rain. Keeping your home free of possible West Nile virus risk can be as simple as eliminating the environments that mosquitoes prefer, be it with citronella candles, bug spray, or just a shortage of areas to breed.

If you suspect you could be experiencing symptoms of West Nile virus, don’t hesitate to visit your local healthcare professionals to be tested. Symptoms can include fever, headache, body pains, and occasional skin rashes or eye pain.

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