New Photo Series Shows Seniors Refusing to Yield Against Their Aging Bodies

Age is just how old your body is. It is not a sign of how old your heart, your mind, or your soul has become. Though most athletes have thrown in the towel on their sporting careers by the time they turn 40, there are still some incredible athletes who refuse to yield against the forces of time, continuing to train and perform even into their 70s and beyond.Now, Angela Jimenez, a photographer based out of Minneapolis, has taken stunning, black and white images of such track and field athletes who refuse to give up or give in to their aging bodies in her new series, “Racing Age.” The intent of her project is to rend apart the common stereotypes of aging and weakness.

“Racing Age is photographs of senior track & field athletes competing around the world on the over 55 circuit of meets. I am a (retired) college heptathlete,” Jimenez writes on her website. “I understand and love the sport. I love these athletes, but don’t fully understand them. And I like that.”

“What I saw defied visual stereotypes. These athletes are not cute, or vulnerable, or weak: They are fierce and competitive… It’s not what you are you used to seeing an older person do. It is inspiring and brave,” said Jimenez in a statement to the Huffington Post. “Athletes of retirement age and older are living longer and better — they are continually breaking age group records for running, jumping and throwing that would have seemed impossible even a few decades ago.”

Each of the poignant, black and white images can be viewed on her website.

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