New Jersey Dental Clinic Introduces New Dental Implant System

What makes good dental care? While the answer to the question may seem like something that should be common sense, there are times in which ways to improve dental health are not taken as seriously as they should be. When this happens, dental disorders, and dental health issues, can take place. Now; one may be asking. Where is a family dentist near me? When people need dental help, a teeth dental clinic, is what is necessary. Instead, people should visit yearly, so that they can assess the health of their teeth, gums, etc. For example, sometimes people can have issues with crooked teeth. As such, what should be done is an assessment of the teeth and gums at the dentist. This will aid in the following, such as getting dentures, if one is dealing with such issues, or even new dental implants, which can fix long-lasting teeth issues. Overall, when it comes to a dentist in clinic, one should ask themselves the following question. What is the best dental clinic near me?

Englewood Cliffs, N.J.-based dental clinic Integrated Dental Systems has announced its latest solution for dental implant procedures.

According to a June 27 Dentistry IQ article, the AnyWhere Provisional Implant Abutment System allows dentists to instantly provide matching prosthetic teeth during an implant procedure, doing away with lengthy preorders of custom abutments. The system, which offers eight different tooth forms and four shades, also eliminates the need for cemented provisionals, the article said.

Carey Lyons, president and CEO of Integrated Dental Systems, told Dentistry IQ that the AnyWhere system significantly cuts the amount of time needed for a dental implant procedure.

AnyWhere is an easy and inexpensive way for patients to have a beautiful provisional immediately following implant placement,” Lyons said.

Dental implants, which are the biggest dental products category with $4.2 billion in sales generated each year, are the most popular solution for replacing and concealing one or more missing teeth.

Dental research has proven that an individual can lose teeth due to factors like genetics and serious tooth injuries, among other things. Dental implants, with proper care, can last a lifetime and boast a 98% success rate.

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