New Device Wirelessly Records Vital Lift Truck Battery Data

An Ohio supplier of industrial battery handling equipment and forklift management solutions recently introduced a new device that can wirelessly record and track data related to lift truck batteries.

According to a Nov. 18 Supply Demand Chain article, AMETEK Prestolite Power’s new device, the Wireless Battery Identification Device (WBID), can continually read and record information related to a forklift battery. The WBID runs on Datalink 2 software, which is also used to operate many battery charger interface devices (CIDs).

The WBID differs from previous forklift battery data recording systems because it can operate completely wirelessly, Supply Demand Chain reports. It can monitor battery usage and identify any problems within the battery that could result in downtime.

AMETEK Prestolite Power says its new device is intended to help warehouse personnel extend forklift battery life as much as possible, solve service problems and help stay within the forklift battery’s warranty terms. AMETEK Prestolite Power Director Patrick Williams says the data the WBID gathers from each battery includes voltage, temperature and average number of amps per hour to do this.

With the new WBID, warehouse personnel will be able to gain insight into the condition of the forklift batteries they handle each day like never before, and take information from the battery’s entire lifespan into account when making decisions, Supply Demand Chain reports.

When so much of a warehouse’s success in its daily operations depends on the success of each lift truck battery to do its job, it is imperative to keep forklift batteries running at their full potential. Otherwise, the major investment that these batteries are will be wasted, costing the warehouse time and money.

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