The New Dental Treatment that Banishes Migraines

Have you tried everything to deal with your migraine headaches? Maybe it’s time to talk to your dentist.

Migraines are vicious headaches combined with severe light and sound sensitivity, nausea, dizziness, and sometimes double or tunnel vision. Even though migraines affect about 36 million people in the US, but the causes of migraines are still largely mysterious. Most migraine sufferers just have to close the blinds and cover their ears or take prescription medication to get through their headaches.

Dr. Bradley L. Parker in San Bruno, California compiled 40 years of research to create a solution to migraine pain in the form of TruDenta, a non-surgical, drug free treatment method with a shocking 95% success rate when it comes to reducing or eliminating migraine symptoms. The procedure doesn’t work miracles, but it’s still a big deal to chronic migraine sufferers, and many report pain reduction in as little as one treatment.

During the TruDenta procedure, dentists looks for different red flags that signify problems that their treatment can alleviate to reduce migraine risk. Usually, they start with bite alignment. This allows dentists to deal with the interaction of nerves and muscles in the head and neck area, which may cause pain.

TruDenta patients have their bites measured in their first visit, and the next 12 visits involve processes like ultrasounds, micro-current, cold laser therapy and muscle manipulation to stabilize the patient’s bite and reduce migraine symptoms. Pain-free patients are then provided with tools and tips to prevent headaches at home before they even start.

Treatment for the most severe migraines can cost about $5,000, though some dental and medical insurance plans may cover part of the cost. TruDenta treatments can only be performed by certified consultants located throughout the country. These consultants usually include dentists or orthodontists and go through vigorous training to become certified in TruDenta.

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