New Bill Requires Connecticut’s Home Improvement Contractors to Be Insured

A new piece of legislation could soon require certain home improvement and remodeling contractors throughout Connecticut to hold liability insurance.

According to CBS Connecticut, the bill, which passed the State House of Representatives on May 14 with a 140-2 vote, would require all state-registered contractors with a gross annual income of $30,000 or more to purchase commercial liability insurance worth at least $500,000.

For contractors who earn less than $30,000 each year, the required amount of liability insurance would drop down to $100,000 or more in coverage.

Rep. David Baram, one of the bill’s supporters, said it was created in response to the 1,000 or so complaints from homeowners that the Department of Consumer Protection receives each year regarding home improvement contractors.

“This is great news for legitimate construction companies and homeowners,” said Peter Kiwior, owner or Pro-Home Services, Inc. “Hopefully this legislation will end so called ‘weekend warriors’ who put homeowners at risk working without liability insurance.”

In addition to requiring contractors to obtain liability insurance, the bill requires all state-registered contractors to sign a statement indicating they have read the Department of Consumer Protection’s provided information on home improvement laws when renewing or seeking registrations.

Other states, such as Pennsylvania, have passed similar laws that protect consumers seeking home improvement projects. The Connecticut bill must first be approved in the Senate before it can proceed further, CBS Connecticut reported. From there, the bill will go to Gov. Dannel Malloy’s desk to be signed into law.

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