New Balances Stool Aims to Tackle the Health Risks of Sedentary Lifestyles

Ever since doctors started referring to sitting as “the new smoking,” office workers everywhere have been looking for ways to keep their sedentary lifestyle from damaging their health. Solutions have ranged from standing treadmill desks to exercise balls, and now a Canadian designer is introducing the Balance Stool.

The Balance Stool is designed to help workers tone their cores while at their desks. Plenty of sedentary workers just can’t find the time to stay active when working desk jobs, so designer Darryl Agawin created the Balance Stool to give workers another way to exercise while they work.

The seat of the stool is a half-sphere that fits into a concave base, forcing the person who sits on it to readjust their position constantly. As the sitter readjusts, they’re engaging their core muscles to maintain their balance.

The Balance Stool is designed to be a modern, sleek alternative to the more clunky solutions to office exercise — so sitters don’t have to sacrifice looks for a healthy lifestyle. The stool is made of reclaimed ash wood finished with soap flakes that give it a smooth feel and a light color.

The stool is just one part of Darryl Agawin’s No, Sweat! Collection, which aims to turn sedentary lifestyle pieces into sources of activity.

With the No, Sweat! collection, the focus isn’t on finding time to workout, it’s about turning existing aspects of a person’s life into opportunities for exercise. Passive activities, like shifting around on the balance stool, lead users on the path to a healthier lifestyle with minimal effort from the user.

The Balance Stool works for active exercising as well. The top part of the stool can be easily removed and used for other balancing exercises.

Unfortunately, the stool isn’t available for mass consumption yet; Agawin is still seeking a manufacturer. If he finds one, it may not be long until you can work on your abs while filling out paperwork.

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