Mr. T to Bring His Passion for Home Improvement to the TV Screen

80s TV icon Mr. T, whose muscles and mohawk made him a foreboding presence on “The A-Team,” will soon show off his gentler side — by hosting his very own home improvement series.

According to a March 20 Mother Nature Network article, Mr T., whose real name is Laurence Tureaud, has signed on to host “I Pity The Tool,” an upcoming show on the DIY Network.

The 62-year-old absolutely pities the fool who doesn’t know the ins and outs of proper home remodeling and renovation, as he told Variety in a recent interview.

“You can’t just knock down everything. There might be electrical wiring. There might be a gap open,” he said. “You have to take your time. You have to scout things out. If you do the wrong thing, it’s going to be a disaster.”

Mr. T’s new show is the latest in a recent trend of home remodeling series that feature celebrity hosts helping people fix up their homes the right way. He joins the likes of such cultural luminaries as Daryl Hall, Vanilla Ice and William Shatner as a celebrity home-improvement host.

“These DIY shows are great for my business,” says Peter Kiwior, Owner, Pro-Home Services, Inc. “Homeowners watch the first few episodes, get their ideas and inspiration for home remodeling, then they try to do it, and in the end they call a professional to take care of business, I’m loving it!”

Unlike people like William Shatner, Mr. T told Variety he used to work in the demolition business, giving him a background in construction and renovation.

According to Paste, “I Pity The Tool” will depict Mr. T’s journey to various homes across the country owned by people who are going through medical issues or financial hardships that make them unable to fix up their homes. He and a construction team then repair and renovate the homes.

“I’m tired of all this jibber jabber — we’re out here getting things done, working hard, demolishing the old and rebuilding the new,” he succinctly said.

“I Pity The Fool” is expected to premiere later this year, Mother Nature Network reports, with a multiple-episode roll out coming in 2016.

“I am tough, but deep inside my toughness, I like to let people know I’m an old-fashioned mama’s boy,” Mr. T said of his decision to host a home improvement series. “I have a heart of gold, but I’m really a marshmallow in my heart.”

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